ontoplasticbeach replied to your post: Can we get a picture of your ask?

Ok, I’m finally going to bed. You asked for asks so I decided to humor you. I’m drunk with sleep and already said my tumblr goodnight but I’m usually not this…stupid. OK. Goodnight!

omg bahahahaha I was worried I had a serious creeper there for a second! lmao

apresmoilalumiere replied to your post: only two people did that questions thingy… well…

I just want to know everything about everyone! D:

I know right…I’m just super nosy…but not in a bad way…I just find people really interesting

heartshapeddreams replied to your post: omg….benihana it just occurred to me!

and flat top this summer.


and all the other stuffs in Indy! I forgot about all the stuuuuufffffssss

hey I might actually get to go inside that art museum thingy finally lol

hypergiants replied to your post: omg has anyone Murdoc and Marceline that is…

has anyone murdoc and marceline… I think you accidentally the whole thing.


whiitestag replied to your post: whiitestag replied to your post: I DON’T KNOW IF…

…. You really want me to go away, Bonnie?!

lololo noooo

but I’m not sharing my hummus and pitas! :D

damon-is-a-hobo replied to your post: I’m finding it very difficult to function today.

take a nap then

that sounds like an excellent idea…but I have stuff to do :(

hypergiants replied to your post: Styrofoam


you saw this WAAAAY too late

plastic-power1 replied to your post: I know I shouldn’t ask but… what the hell is…

You Only Live Once

and….why is it a thing? and why do people say it in response to EVERYTHING

it’s actually pretty stupid and annoying…where did it come from?

heartshapeddreams replied to your post: I will be so happy when my mother can no longer…


and she doesn’t even try to hide it

she makes it so obvious that she’s doing it

then awkwardly asks you about it

theevildeath answered your question: If you could ask Jamie anything what would you ask…

“how are you “

that’s not a very good question lol

heartshapeddreams replied to your link: Mythbusters at the Museum of Science and Industry!!!!!

are you gonna go?

I dunno…possibly

I really want to

toneyspeaksloud replied to your post: 

={c} I’m sorry.

it’s ok

I just haven’t been very happy lately

onepieceofcheese replied to your post: fizzywhiskey replied to your post: Did anybody…

Oh really? Wow.

yeah…I’ve thought about bringing it back but I dunno

I keep starting blogs and then abandoning them lol oops

fizzywhiskey replied to your post: fizzywhiskey replied to your post: What the fuck…

uhh… averyniceprince? len-yan? daughterofhungryghosts? i dunno if you know them but they have tens of thousands of followers.. a lot of people reblog from these people

never heard of them….nor do I think I’ve ever seen them as the source of a post…